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Posted in mindscapes, techie nook by martzipan on April 2, 2012

just got an unsolicited e-mail with the following subject: “How to Communicate with Tact and Professionalism”. despite the irony, it’s probably one of the catchiest and best written ad texts i’ve seen lately, as you can read below:


Ever wish you could …

  • Tailor your message to achieve complete buy-in on your ideas and proposals?
  • Disarm others’ “hot buttons” and put people at ease — even in the heat of an argument?
  • Win arguments without losing friends?
  • Maintain your composure and control — even when someone is right in your face?
  • Decode body language to understand what people are really saying?
  • Improve your nonverbal skills for added emphasis?
  • Deliver razor-sharp instructions that get things done — without coming off like an annoying perfectionist?
  • Become so persuasive that your requests are rarely denied?

This training will show you how!

Practice makes perfect …

This course includes dozens of interactive exercises designed to drive home the skills you learn. Not only will you discover new ways to improve your interpersonal communication skills — you’ll also have the time to practice and apply these skills in “real life” situations.

You won’t just know more after attending this workshop — you’ll be a better communicator.


so, if you need some good prs, you should probably hire these people. if you can find them, of course…

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