the commuter's eye


i am a thirty and something bearded and cynical commuter. usually, i’m traveling within the mind-frame and physical borders of eu, although i cannot refrain from sneaking every now and then onto the other side of the ocean (which i also enjoy).

in my daily life, i work (quite frequently) with texts and images pertaining (mostly) to the dutch and french 17th century (as well as some intricate computer security topics) which i try to understand and explain to others. the same plus other ‘others’ (and sometimes i) believe that i am somewhat gifted for what i do, although one can never tell.

my earthly possessions – which I’m quite fond of – comprise a bunch of books, a netbook (which shelters several scraps of my in-progress phd thesis) and a tiny gray 12-years-old korean car. and some clothes, of course.

i also wear (mini-myopia) glasses – usually when I drive, after nite reading or after spending gazillion hours in front of the computer.

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