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Posted in from paris with love, jobs by martzipan on September 8, 2017

currently reading some books about résumés, cover letters, job interviews and HR departments in France for a personal project. the only things coming to my mind are another (hilarious) book – A Year in the Merde – and this video (some of you already seen it last week):

on a different, more serious note, at my job in Paris we’re currently looking for bright c++ developers, awesome support representatives, savvy datacenter technicians, and brilliant dev ops engineers.

if you’re interested ping me and i’ll get back to you with details.

Skilled Developers Wanted – Ultra Low Latency and Algo Trading Solutions

Posted in jobs by martzipan on March 16, 2012

Just got word from some extremely techie friends of mine that they have some open positions in their R&D teams Paris. Below you can find the short job descriptions. If you would like to give it a try, just let me know and I’ll put you in touch with them.

C++ Multithread Development Engineer (Linux – Core)

You develop the middleware (Framework & API) and framework-based services for accessing ultra low latency market data. You contribute to the lowest levels involving threading and network management on transport layers (TCP, Multicast, IPC, etc.), also being involved in the development of proprietary protocols and business components (stream aggregation, referential and financial tools’ management, etc.)

Requirements: 4 years experience in C++ multithread development under Unix/Linux, ideally in financial markets, scripting languages (Bash, Perl, Python). Java and C# are a plus. English – medium level of proficiency & excellent team player.

C++ Multithread Development Engineer (Linux – FeedHandler)

You design and develop new feed handlers in C++. You will also contribute to the development and maintenance of various types of feed handlers (cash, derivatives / multicast, TCP, FAST, etc.) and manage migrations of exchanges. Moreover, you ensure a second level of support to our products and clients services teams.

Requirements: MSc, C++ advanced development skills under Unix/Linux, ideally in financial markets, scripting languages (Bash, Perl, Python). English – medium level of proficiency & excellent team player.

C# Development Engineer

You develop C# functional modules for our algo trading platform, in relation to asset classes. You also implement statistical models to increase product performance and scalability. Moreover, you contribute to customer support, pre-sales, training and consulting activities.

Requirements: MSc, C# advanced skills under Unix/Linux, ideally in financial markets. Additional skills in C++ under Unix/Linux are a plus. English – medium level of proficiency & excellent team player.

QA Engineer (Feed Handler)

You test and validate new and maintenance releases of our feed handlers. You develop, implement and perform test cases, based on the requirement docs and technical specifications provided by R&D. You also provide an ongoing assessment of our product overall quality.

Requirements: MSc, experience in a similar high performance software QA position in financial markets. Additional skills in scripting languages (shell script, Perl, etc.) are required for test automation. Familiarity with command line tools is also a plus. Technical English – medium level of proficiency & excellent team player.

Senior FPGA Development Engineer

You develop our next generation of FPGAs, based on high-end Altera devices. You create the specifications and architecture, and develop low latency IPs (network stack, market protocol decoding, book management). You also configure and integrate third-party IPs in the FPGA (memory interfaces, network, PCIe, etc.). Moreover, you implement, test and debug the FPGA projects on the hardware platform, with R&D to integrate the hardware accelerator and software feed handlers.

Requirements: You have 5+ years of experience in FPGA development with in-depth knowledge of EDA tools and Verilog or VHDL language. Knowledge of memory interfaces (DDR, QDR, SRAM, FIFO), bus interfaces (AXI, Avalon) and multiple clocks domains management and crossing is mandatory. Knowledge of tcl and bash scripting, as well as C/C++ development is a plus. English – medium level of proficiency & excellent team player.

interesting reading about social trends among youngsters

Posted in mindscapes, socioholicalishism by martzipan on January 24, 2012

“Today’s young people have an entirely different view of work than their parents and grandparents. The boundaries between work and the rest of their lives are not as distinct, so Millennials expect more personal fulfillment from their day jobs.

But Generation Y — defined loosely as those born after 1980 — has also been acutely affected by the Great Recession, and this means that they also know the value of a hard-earned paycheck.

In fact, entering the workforce during a down economy creates attitudes that could last up to 20 years, according to a recent study led by Yale economics professor Lisa Kahn. This includes a tendency toward risk-aversion, a greater willingness to settle, and a belief that luck plays a big role in future success.”

Rest of the article here.