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coming back home (ii)

Posted in customs, borders and other habits, peripeteia by martzipan on May 12, 2011

french customs and borders work in mysterious ways

just got back in paris few days ago. silky smooth takeoff, flight and landing, right on time, like a swiss army knife, with my o’ time favorite low cost carrier, wizzair. so far so good, except the customs’ check on beauvais airport when showing them my passport, as i usually prefer to travel with it, even within the eu borders. the guy scans it once, then twice, then it looks at me from behind the thick glass, then back in my passport. it scrubs it with his finger – like the officers in bucharest i have told you about in my previous post. pulls out a ballish/rubberish uv magnifing glass from his pocket and starts scrupulously examining the first page. then he scans it again and says something to his colleague. i ask him if he wants my id card, he mumbles something that i can’t understand because of the thick glass. i slip my id card over the counter, he doesn’t even look at it and he gives it back to me. after scaning my passport once again, he finally decides that my document and i are both ok and mumbles again something about a wrong expiration date in the check lines at the bottom of the page. ‘whatever’, i reply in my head, but not without wondering how come that my passport was good enough in us, uk and other eu countries (including france) before, when we still needed visas to travel…